Long-term partnerships with numerous renowned publishing houses in Romania but also in foreign markets;

The quality of the execution staff and the expertise of the management team, the relations with Artprint clients being characterized, without compromise, by promptness and quality services;

Transparency and flexibility for all stakeholders in relation to the company, from shareholders, customers, staff, to the reference community;

The production capacity allows the realization of orders at industrial level, offering complete solutions (pre-press, press, post-press, shipping) and complex executions, of an indisputable quality;

Experience and national and international recognition (in the top 5 companies in the Top of Private Companies in the printingfield).


ARTPRINT S.A., the first Romanian private printing house, was founded in 1990 as an inspired family business for post-communist Romania. The courage to detach from a totally centralized environment, the openness to learn, the determination to succeed and to identify new methods to maintain the role of promoter vector in the profile industry are motivating factors that have shaped the course of society so far, supporting the innovative and proactive attitude for future business development.

ARTPRINT has earned its place in the field both due to the competence and professionalism of the over 110 employees, and to the way inwhich it has managed to permanently adapt to the requirements of the printing market.


The first products made on the offset printing system were labels, the ARTPRINT printing house thus responding to the requests of this segment that developed between 1992-2009. Simultaneously with the production of labels, it was the first step taken in diversifying the production of prints and the partners we had at that time testify: Evenimentul zilei, Adevărul, Curierul naţional, Anunciaul telefonica, Corint Publishing House, All Publishing House, Economic Publishing House. The efforts of the management team but also of those directly involved in the production process made ARTPRINT SA to gain an important place in the top of the profile companies in Romania. Basically, the period 2011-2015 meant the creation of a strong production structure, as well as a structure of qualified personnel, capable at any time of technical and qualitative performances that would meet the requirements of the printing market.

Thus, in 2012, the finishing sections were modernized, by purchasing and putting into operation a new Muller Martini 335 stapling machine, a wrapping line, fully automatic Sitma 759 and a Muller Martini Starbinder brooching line. As a result of the modernization of the finishing section, the quality of the products has increased considerably and with this increase and the demand, feeling the need to increase the printing capacity. In 2013, a second MAN ROTOMAN M 65 heat-set press was purchased, intended for the production of magazines, textbooks, commercial leaflets of large circulation. In 2015, a new CROMOMAN printing press was purchased, intended exclusively for book printing. In 2016, the Muller Martini Pantera bookbinding machine with 18 assembly stations was purchased through an investment of over 900,000 euros, which led to the massive production of books. All these investments led to a special qualitative and quantitative leap, positioning the ARTPRINT SA printing house on a stable and leading place on the profile market (5th place in the top printing houses in Romania) with a turnover of over 35,000,000 lei / net per year 2019 with an increase in turnover of 44% compared to 2018 (50% book production and 40% magazine production, 10% commercial printing).